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We are humbled to be launching our premier parents mending after divorce program based upon H-C, Inc.'s belief that regardless of marital status, the care of, and commitment to our children should last a lifetime. We know, from our personal experience, that successful after marriage relationships between parents ...

Color Your Life Again: Rediscover Joy With Your Kids

Our global after divorce care and consulting program is the leader and pioneer of a proprietary negotiation framework called the Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS) 360 framework. This framework was developed for the 21st century and is applicable to virtually any collaborative effort or human interaction. ...

Derrick Chevalier

Personal Experience = Professional Commitment

Disastrous Divorce To Priceless Relationship With Your Kids 6 Steps (DDTPR), is an outgrowth of my own experience.

Above all of the professional accolades and academic credentials detailed in my vita , the most important fact about DDTPR is that the I've lived through the pain of two complex and challenging divorces, I've walked through the fire of relational fallout with my ex's and with my children. 

And although the emotional, psychological, and physical scars of those experiences still remain ever-present reminders of a tumultuous past, I'm here to tell you that those scars do not have to dictate your future, nor your children's future.

From the ashes of two devastating separations, I've painstakingly built a priceless relationship with my kids. It wasn't a quick fix, nor an easy journey, but one thing kept me going – my unyielding commitment to ensuring that the memories of a tumultuous divorce did not shape my children's lives disproportionately. This journey is the bedrock upon which the Disastrous Divorce To Priceless Relationship With Your Kids 6 Steps (DDTPR) program stands.

I am not just the founder of the DDTPR program. I am a testament to its potency. I drew from my personal hardships and triumphs, supplementing them with... Read More

Are Your Kids Worth It?

"Priceless is possible..."


When you think about your kids, or when they look into your eyes, don't you want to be certain that you've done EVERYTHING you can possibly do to protect, nurture, and strive for a priceless relationship with them?  

Don't let this opportunity pass you by DDTPR Individual slots fill up quickly & Cohort options are limited to the first 12 qualified parents who want to embrace the transformative power of the most innovative and powerful divorce care program ever, and discover the joy of nurturing a connection that can stand the test of time.

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  • Maximize Your Time & Effort
  • Reduce Stress & Anger
  • Helps Your Kids Thrive
  • Ongoing Consultation Available
  • Harvard Law School certified mediator
  • Conflict Resolution Expertise
  • Parenting Support Tools & Strategies
  • Improve Communication With Your Ex Spouse/Partner
  • Revolutionary & Unparalleled Possibilities!

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